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10 of the best flowers to help save the bees.

The world’s honeybee population started to take an unfortunate turn around 2006, due to multiple factors caused in the most part by mankind, either directly or indirectly. Much is said about planning for the future and the same should…


Help Save the Honeybee

World Honeybee day is the 3rd Saturday in August. To show our support, we are giving away a packet of Bee Friendly Borage seeds with every order purchased from our store during the month of August. Borage seeds are…

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Guide to Spring Flowers in Sydney

Nothing is more reminiscent of springtime than freshly blooming flowers. Those first buds signal that warmer weather is near, and we’ll soon be spending all of our days outside instead of just those sporadic nice ones. It should come…


Flowers that don’t really look like flowers

Is it a bird? Is it a monkey? Nope, it’s just a flower with the primary purpose of reproduction. But these aren’t your stereotypical looking flowers! All of the below images are genuine flowers, no tricks or edits. These…