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Guide to Spring Flowers in Sydney

Nothing is more reminiscent of springtime than freshly blooming flowers. Those first buds signal that warmer weather is near, and we’ll soon be spending all of our days outside instead of just those sporadic nice ones. It should come as no surprise that our favourite part of spring is the flowers. Whether we’re strolling through botanic gardens, or sitting in our own backyard, it’s about to get a lot more colourful and fragrant. This is our comprehensive guide on what to plant, and what plants to see in full bloom this spring.


Springtime Weather

Spring lasts from August to November in Sydney. Late morning to mid-afternoon is the best time to explore, because the days are warmer, but the nights are still cool. The warm and temperate climate brings many flower and garden festivals to our city every year. Flower enthusiasts can find fantastical flowers in our many parks in Sydney city, or in our native bushland slightly further afield.

What to Plant in the Spring

Spring is great time of year to start thinking ahead for summer and planting a garden. Whether you’re sowing from seed or transplanting from a nursery, the following flowers do best when planted during the spring:


Full Sun

Amaranthus may be transplanted outside once the soil has warmed. Place plants 25 – 30cm apart and cover with a light layer of soil. In rich soil they can grow to be over 2m tall.




Partial Shade

Begonia seeds are as fine as sand, and inexperienced gardeners may have trouble sowing them the first time, so transplanting is recommended. They are delicate flowers that can grow up to 45cm high.




Full Sun

Petunias should be planted mid-spring in light, well-drained soil. They should be placed 30cm apart from each other – they only grow up to 15cm high, but they spread out rapidly.






Partial Sun

Verbenas require lots of water as they’re growing, but are easy to care for once in full bloom. They need to be in well-drained soil and can grow up to 45cm high.




Full Sun

Zinnias are great for beginners to gardening. They’re easy to plant and care for, and tend to thrive in rich, well-drained, warm soil. It’s best to space them about 25cm apart, especially varieties that grow to up to 60cm high.


5 Must-See Spring Flowers, and Where to See Them

When you’ve had enough time in the garden, why not plan a trip to one of Sydney’s many open gardens? There’s a reason why we have so many spring flower events in our city – it’s the perfect climate for seedlings to thrive. And what better way to spend a sunny Saturday than chasing the best blooms around town. These are the top 5 flowers we make a priority to see every spring, and our favorite places to see them.

  1. Cherry blossoms at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens
  2. Tulips at Centennial Parklands
  3. Banksia at Stony Range Regional Botanic Garden
  4. Daffodils at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden
  5. Wisteria at Vaucluse House

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