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Must visit Plant Nurseries in Sydney

In need of a pick-me-up? We’ve got you! Here’s your ultimate two-for-one weekend tip:  Green up your place with some stunning plants and enjoy the journey.  How? Sydney’s got some incredible plant nurseries – some with a cafe to…


How to Say “Get Well Soon” with Flowers

If a loved one, friend or colleague is dealing with an injury or illness, it’s a good idea to reach out and comfort them. It wouldn’t hurt if you let someone know that they are in your thoughts. One…


Flower Quotes and Captions: The Complete Collection

Flowers are one of nature’s most magnificent gifts, it’s no surprise there are so many flower quotes out there. A single bloom has the power to express love, bring joy, delight the senses, and elicit awestruck oohs and aahs…

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Flowers for Mourning

There are many difficult situations in life where flowers for mourning would show how much you care. There are times we can’t do much to help the people that we care about. Whether it is the loss of a…

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Australian Native Flowers: The Grand Collection

Australia is an incredibly diverse place, especially when it comes to native flowers. Composed of mountain ranges, sandplains, wetlands, and vast coastlines. Australia provides a rich environment for abundant plant life to thrive. Additionally, Australia ranks third in the…

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So You Want to Grow Your Own Gerberas?

You’ve seen them at many special occasions: birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversary celebrations, and baby showers. You may have even spotted them cheerfully blooming in your neighbour’s vibrant garden. Gerberas are stunning flowers, famous for their bright and colourful flowers…