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Bouquet of flowers
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Best value for money flowers
Offering flowers is a tradition that has been cherished across cultures and centuries. A bouquet of beautiful flowers can symbolise a myriad of sentiments, from love and passion to admiration, sympathy, and gratitude. The act of offering flowers is deeply embedded in our culture as it carries profound significance in human interactions.

Every single person on the planet has or will at some point offer flowers to a loved one, so the following topic is one of great importance – how much we spend on flowers and whether we can find bouquets at affordable prices.

Why Are Flowers Expensive?

Sometimes the price of a beautiful flower bouquet can be quite surprising and you might be wondering why. Flower bouquets and floral arrangements can be expensive for many different reasons. Below are some of the most notable ones:


Many of the flowers that you find in flower shops have specific growing seasons so their prices can vary based on this. People buy roses and other expensive flowers year-round when they could instead opt for flowers that are in season and that will most likely be less expensive. This type of information is something that most florists can help you with and you can always contact our florists if you wish to learn more about our seasonal products. So if you want to save some money and you don’t want to purchase a certain type of flower, you can opt for a bouquet that is specific to the current season.

Benefits in buying seasonal flowers

  • Seasonal flowers are more cost-effective. As mentioned above, opting to buy flowers during their growing season is a great way to save some money without making any aesthetic sacrifices. The main reason why seasonal flowers are less expensive is because they are more abundant and florists can obtain them easily. By buying locally grown flowers, you avoid paying extra for associated costs such as transportation and storage.
  • Seasonal flowers can be fresher and more qualitative because they are harvested at the appropriate time. Seasonal flowers can last longer in a vase, and chances are they will look nice for a very long time.
  • Buying seasonal flowers is an eco-friendly practice. Native flowers require fewer resources to grow and bloom. Thus, the growers won’t use as much water and energy as they do when they try to grow non-natives. The florists will also save money and resources as they don’t need to worry about transporting the flowers from distant locations and storing them for a long time. By opting for seasonal flowers you contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with the floral industry.
  • Purchasing seasonal flowers will help support local growers and will contribute to the local economy. Seasonal flowers will often be sourced from local growers who grow their flowers sustainably and ethically.

If we’ve managed to convince you to opt for seasonal flowers from now on but you’re not sure what flowers to choose, the easiest solution is to choose our Daily Bouquet. We make a limited quantity of Daily Bouquets each day and we only use the best in-season flowers sourced from local flower markets. To make sure you can catch our Daily Bouquet, check in with us in the morning and we promise that our florists will impress you with their talent and creativity.

Sourcing, location, and transportation

Another important factor that can elevate the price of a flower bouquet has to do with the place from which the flowers come. Flowers that are not locally grown will automatically cost more than native flowers. For instance, if you want to purchase a bouquet of black daffodils, you will most likely pay more just because these flowers cannot be sourced from a nearby location.

At least half the flowers sold in Australia are imported from distant countries. Namely, Ecuador, Colombia, or Kenya according to media sources. Additionally, according to floral designer John Emmanuel Grima, during the winter months when Australian flowers are less accessible, the percentage of imported flowers that Australians purchase can reach up to 90%. 

Transportation is an important factor that dictates the final price of a bloom because it is not an easy task. Flowers are quite delicate and perishable, so they require special treatment in terms of transportation. Flower transport usually involves refrigerated vehicles. This can be quite costly and not very eco-friendly which is quite a scary thought. Transporting flowers over such long distances is not a sustainable practice because the carbon footprint of such a bouquet will be much higher than that of a locally sourced bouquet.

At Flowers Across Sydney, we try to avoid transporting flowers over long distances. We strive to keep our prices low without compromising on the quality of our products. We select our flowers carefully and we pride ourselves on sourcing our flowers straight from the Sydney flower markets. That is why you will most likely find affordable flowers on our website year-round.

Flower Quality and Varieties

Rare, exotic, and premium flower varieties are always more expensive than more common flowers. While these flowers have their own unique features, they are not necessarily more beautiful than native seasonal flowers. All flowers are beautiful and with the talent and creativity of an experienced florist, you can get a unique-looking bouquet made of affordable flowers. Some examples of rare and more expensive flowers include:


Photo by Rae Galatas on Unsplash

Beloved by many thanks to their exotic, yet elegant, appearance, orchids tend to be rather expensive. Several factors contribute to the higher price tag of orchids:

Some varieties are rare

With over 28,000 species of orchids identified by scientists and countless hybrids, orchids never cease to surprise. Some are more spectacular and more difficult to come by, so it is only natural for their price to be higher. Orchids that come from less accessible locations and those that are rare are very sought-after by orchid lovers, who are willing to spend big to obtain the most unique flowers available on the market.

Orchids can be difficult to grow and care for

Certain types of orchids can be quite fussy and demanding. They will only grow in a very specific environment with precise temperature, humidity, and light. Orchid cultivation is oftentimes considered art by experienced gardeners, who make constant efforts to add exceptional varieties to their collections. If you are not an experienced orchid grower, it’s best to stick with the more popular and easygoing orchids.

They are slow growers

Orchids are considered slow growers compared to other ornamentals. It will take several years for certain orchid plants to reach maturity. Blooms that take a long time to develop will also raise their price.

Orchids might not always be available

Orchids that are in bloom might only be available on the market for a limited amount of time each year. Certain orchids, especially the rare types, will have a very short flowering season which will drive up the prices.

They can be hard to propagate

Propagating orchids can be a challenge even for experienced growers. While some can be propagated through a straightforward method such as division, others require more time-consuming rituals such as micropropagation and seed germination.


As mentioned above, plants that travel long distances will always be more expensive due to the many difficulties associated with this process.

How much do Orchids usually cost in Australian flower shops?

Phalaenopsis Orchids commonly referred to as Moth Orchids are probably the most popular variety available in flower shops. The price for a beautiful and healthy Phalaenopsis Orchid or containing these exotic plants will often start at around AUD$80. However, the price can easily exceed this amount if the plant is larger, if it has more blooms or if the flower is included in a more complex bouquet. At Flowers Across Sydney, we offer affordable Phalaenopsis Orchids starting at AUD $74.90.

Another popular type of orchid that you will find in Australian flower shops is Cymbidium Orchid. The prices for this type of orchid can vary depending on size, quality, the design of the bouquet, and the flower’s container. In most flower shops, the price for a single Cymbidium orchid will start at around AUD$50. The Cymbidium orchid produces very special blooms, which is why you can find something truly unique on our website – the Orchid Orb. For just AUD $45.90, you can surprise a loved one with this magical gift that features a delicate cymbidium bloom set upon a base of white pebbles.

When clients ask us what the most special flowers are, we always say that orchids are in our top 3. If you want to make a great impression on someone, you should offer them a single orchid or a bouquet that features these amazing flowers. We offer affordable orchids without sacrificing the quality of the flowers. Some of our most popular and affordable bouquets that contain orchids are Simple Grace, White Orchid Bunch, and Blue Orchid Bunch.


Big bunch of red roses with beautiful woman Valentine's Day gift

No list would be complete without the popular and beloved roses, which unfortunately can also be quite expensive.

Roses can be in high demand

Most people will admit that roses are their favourite flowers, so it comes as no surprise that they are in very high demand. Roses are the number one choice for many celebrations, especially for romantic occasions such as weddings and Valentine’s Day. As a result, you should expect the prices of roses to be higher during these high-demand periods. If you want to offer roses, but don’t want to pay a fortune, you should purchase them off-season. It can be during the winter months, and in late summer or early autumn.


Although you can find roses in flower shops year-round, sometimes seasonality can influence their price. Roses tend to be more expensive when they are out of season or when certain colours or varieties are in very high demand.

Imported roses are more expensive

The great majority of roses that are sold in Australian flower shops are imported. If you are lucky enough to find locally-grown roses, you might pay less. Importing roses is a very expensive practice due to the cost of transportation.

Some varieties are more expensive

Rare flowers are always more expensive than more common ones and things are not much different when it comes to roses. People always search for special or rarer varieties, special colours such as blue or black, and premium varieties which will be more expensive. The most expensive rose in the world is the Juliet Rose, which is also known as the 3 million rose. Its price is owed to its exclusivity and rarity. True blue roses are also very expensive because they are very rare in nature and their development requires complex genetic engineering. Other types of expensive roses include David Austin Roses, Ecuadorian Roses, Black Baccara Roses, and Tiffany Roses.

How much do Roses usually cost in Australian flower shops?

Now that we’ve discussed what the most expensive roses are and what drives up the prices for these beloved flowers, you might be wondering how to find some affordable options. The good news is that roses are quite affordable, especially if you are not looking for a rare specimen. In Australia, the price of a medium-sized rose bouquet can vary based on many different variables. On average you should expect its price to start at AUD $60. The good news is that we offer affordable rose bouquets year-round, such as our White Rambling Roses bouquet with prices starting at AUD$48.90. Another special bouquet that has a very good price on our website is the Rainbow Rose Bouquet . This costs only AUD$60.90.


pink lilies
Photo by Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

Spectacular and colourful, lilies are known to steal the show whenever they appear in bouquets and flower arrangements. There are many different types of lilies that you can find on the market and sometimes these ornamentals can be quite expensive due to a combination of factors:

Lilies require specific growing conditions

Spectacular flowers are not easy to grow, so lilies require a specific environment to grow healthy and happy. The ideal growing conditions for lilies are well-drained soil, lots of light, and consistent moisture, and achieving the perfect balance for them can be a challenge compared to other flowers. All in all, lilies can have higher cultivation costs that will be reflected in their price.

Lilies grow from bulbs

If you are a gardener, you already know that lilies grow from bulbs that take a long time to reach maturity. Cultivating lilies can be a slower process that will add to the overall cost.

Growing lilies is a labour-intensive process

Cultivating these beautiful flowers can be labour-intensive, especially when it comes to planting the bulbs, tending to them, and dividing them. Lilies can also be susceptible to pests, so skilled labour will often be needed to ensure that the blooms are perfect.

Rare varieties will be more expensive

Similarly to orchids and roses, rare varieties of lilies will be more costly than common ones. Unique patterns, colours, and shapes can drive their price up considerably. For example, one of the most expensive types of lily is the Casablanca Lily. Known for its fragrant, large, and pure white flowers, this lily is often associated with weddings and other very special occasion. Other pricy lilies include the Stargazer Lily, the Black Calla Lily, the Sorbonne Lily, and Oriental varieties.

How much do lilies usually cost in Australian flower shops?

Many different factors can contribute to the final price of a lily bouquet. The type of lilies used, the number of lilies, the complexity of the bouquet, and the materials used, are just a few things that can drive the price up. In Australia, the average price for a simple, medium-sized lily bouquet starts at around AUD $80. If you want to gift a beautiful bouquet of lilies, you are probably looking for a bargain and we are here to help. We offer a wide range of affordable bouquets featuring lilies such as Lily Love at just AUD$43.90, Orange Lily Bunch starting at AUD$49.50, and Lily Lady at just AUD$66.90.


red Anthuriums

Photo by Ashley Kaneko on Unsplash

Anthuriums are not as popular as the flowers mentioned above, but they are beloved by florists and people who have refined tastes. These ornamentals have an exotic appearance that makes them stand out and can come in a variety of colours including red, pink, orange, white, and even green. Anthuriums are often featured in elegant bouquets because they are long-lasting and can be associated with hospitality, respect, admiration, and love. Although they are not as common as roses, they are perfect choices for anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions. If you love anthuriums, you might be curious to learn why these flowers tend to be very pricy. Here are the main reasons:

Anthuriums are considered slow growers

Achieving beauty always takes a lot of work and resources and this applies to the growth cycle of anthuriums as well. To produce their exquisite blooms (which are leaf-like structures known as spathes), The anthuriums have to reach maturity which usually takes several years. The longer it takes for a plant to produce blooms, the more expensive the blooms will be when they reach the flower shop.

Distinctive growing conditions

Exotic plants will usually require a specific type of environment to be productive and anthuriums make no exception. These plants need high levels of humidity, warm temperatures, and bright indirect light. Therefore, it is safe to say that creating the perfect ecosystem for these plants is a complex and expensive task.

Cultivating anthuriums takes a lot of effort

These plants are quite fussy and they need a lot of attention. Cultivating anthuriums might require more skilled labour than cultivating other ornamentals. It is because these plants have such specific growth requirements and can also be susceptible to pests and diseases.

Anthuriums have a very unique appearance

Beauty always influences the price and these plants are the perfect example. Their glossy, heart-shaped leaves and colourful spathes can complement any floral arrangement. They are perfect for special events and refined homes so it is not a surprise that their ornamental value will also drive up demand and price.

Rare varieties are more expensive

There are various types of Anthurium species and hybrid cultivars on the market. Rare types will always be more expensive due to scarcity and ornamental value. However, we think that all anthuriums are equally spectacular and we think that in some cases, more common blooms can be more beautiful than rare ones. Some of the most expensive varieties are Anthurium Black Queen, prized for its dark-coloured spathes, Anthurium Purple Queen, and other rare varieties with large and colourful blooms.

How much do anthuriums usually cost in Australian flower shops?

If you were not familiar with anthuriums, we are convinced that this article made you appreciate these unique-looking flowers. Offering anthurium will surely be a very appreciated gesture, so you might be wondering what the average price of a medium bouquet featuring anthurium usually costs in Australia. As mentioned above, these flowers tend to be quite pricy so the price for a beautiful, medium-sized anthurium bouquet starts at around AUD$100. We know that this sounds quite intimidating so we decided to offer potted anthurium plants that are much more affordable.

How to Save Money on Flowers – Quick Tips

Bouquet of Sunflowers

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash

Buy in-season flowers

This is something that we’ve mentioned earlier in the article and it is a very important thing to remember if you want to save some money. Buying in-season flowers will usually be cheaper and it is also an eco-friendly practice.

Choose less popular varieties

Roses are always in high demand regardless of the season and this can drive their prices up. There are so many beautiful flowers available on the market that will impress your loved ones even more than a classical bouquet of roses. Our florists work tirelessly to create beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets using in-season flowers and less common varieties such as alstroemeria, irises, tulips, carnations, and chrysanthemums, so make sure you check our shop regularly.

Opt for our Daily Bouquet

Our florists prepare a beautiful bouquet made of in-season flowers that will wow even the pickiest flower lover. If you want to offer flowers, don’t forget to check our daily bouquet first, it will always be the most affordable and in-season option.

Bigger isn’t always better

Although most people think that a large bouquet will always be the best option, smaller bouquets can also be a good choice if you want to save money. A smaller, yet elegant bouquet will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face and it will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Buy potted plants

Receiving a potted plant that is in bloom is oftentimes much more appreciated than a bouquet. Unlike cut flowers, potted plants will last longer and the recipient of your gift will remember your nice gesture for a very long time. And the best thing about potted plants is that they are usually much cheaper than bouquets. Additionally, houseplants have a lot of health benefits and can improve your mood. Not convinced? Check out our potted plants section.

Buy Online

If you used to purchase flowers from a flower shop, chances are you always paid a little more than you would have if you purchased from an online shop. Online retailers have competitive prices and offer a wide variety of options. Purchasing flowers online allows you to compare prices and read reviews. Additionally, you might also find more discounts and offers if you check our store regularly.

In Conclusion

Buying flowers can be a much more exciting experience when you know how to find the best deals. You are guaranteed to find the best prices on the market and the best-looking products at Flowers Across Sydney. Our flowers are locally sourced and we always encourage our clients to opt for in-season products that are more affordable and more eco-friendly. If you want to save money on flowers, check out our shop regularly for the daily specials.

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