How to Say “Get Well Soon” with Flowers

If a loved one, friend or colleague is dealing with an injury or illness, it’s a good idea to reach out and comfort them. It wouldn’t hurt if you let someone know that they are in your thoughts. One way to show your support and care is by sending get well soon flowers. 

Smiling healthcare professional holding reports while looking at a little patient with fractured hand resting at hospital
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According to a Rutgers University study, beautiful blooms can easily boost a person’s mood. No matter what the colour, style, scent or size of the arrangement, it will uplift the spirits of your recovering loved one. 

However, you still need to be cautious when sending gifts to anyone when they’re sick. This guide will help you choose the get well soon flowers colour, type and arrangement for your friend, loved one or co-worker.

What Are Get Well Soon Flowers and What Are Their Benefits?

Flower Arrangement Ostrich
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Seeing a stunning floral arrangement can be a nice reminder of life, beauty and joy. What’s great about get well soon flowers is that they come in various designs, styles and colours. At Flowers Across Sydney, we have a team of expert florists who can arrange bouquets of exquisite and soothing blooms that can bring joy to your loved ones. Here are some of the reasons why getting flowers for someone can be beneficial:

Flowers Can Improve Mood

Woman holding flowers under open sky
Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay 

Most of the time, when someone gets ill, they’re advised against accepting visitors right away. So, if you can’t be physically present to show your support, you can still show your care by sending flowers. Our expert florists can use the right get well soon flowers colour that will brighten a person’s feelings.

According to the Inner Mammal Institute founder Loretta Breuning, Ph.D., flowers can cause our brains to release happy hormones. Moreover, our minds perceive receiving flowers as a reward, triggering dopamine production in our brains. The beautiful blossoms give the person a sense that something special is coming, consequently releasing happy chemicals in the brain.

Flowers Enhance the Quality of Sleep

Most people know that lavender essential oil can help people sleep. Several studies have been done to support the benefits of inhaling essential oils from flowers.

For instance, a study from the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences found that inhaling aromatherapy oils with roses can improve sleep quality. Moreover, it was effective in lowering anxiety in the subjects, allowing them to drift off to sleep more quickly.

Flower Bouquet
Whispers of Love

So, if you want your friend or loved one to recover effectively, gift them a stunning arrangement of roses. For instance, you can have our Whispers of Love bunch delivered to their hospital room. It is adorned with lovely classic and spray roses. By taking a whiff of the flowers, they will begin to relax and sleep better.

Flowers Boost Energy

3 women smiling in a yellow sunflower field
Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

Someone who’s sick or injured probably feels tired or down. The great thing about flowers is that they can help lower fatigue and increase energy.

A Kansas State University study found that having ornamental indoor plants and flowers in hospital rooms can improve the health outcomes of patients recovering from surgery. The research concluded that the viewing plants lowered the subjects’ fatigue, anxiety, pain and systolic blood pressure. 

Flowers Can Lower Air Pollution

According to a study from NASA, plants can help reduce indoor air pollution. This famous research paper tested how plants could get rid of chemicals from the air. After all, astronauts stay within enclosed spaces for prolonged periods. 

The researchers placed certain plants and chemicals in small chambers. Over time, they quantified the chemical concentrations and discovered that the plants removed notable amounts of formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

Meanwhile, a separate study observed 14 volatile organic compounds (VCOs) inside offices. The results revealed that whenever the compounds went beyond 100ppb, the indoor plants would bring them back within safe levels.

Flowers Can Aid in Healing

Bouquet of flowers to make you feel better
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It’s not uncommon to use flowers in horticulture therapy which often improves moods and boosts the body’s ability to heal itself. For example, a New York University School of Medicine examined the effects of horticultural therapy on cardiopulmonary patients. After one therapy session, the subjects already exhibited improvement in their mood and heart rate. Indeed, get well soon flowers can bring benefits to a person’s mental and physical health.

A separate study featured in the American Society for Horticultural Science observed patients who were recovering from an appendix removal surgery. Some of the participants had flowers and plants in their rooms, while others did not. During the study, the heart rate and blood pressure of the patients were monitored. The researchers also observed the subjects’ anxiety, intensity, and fatigue levels.

According to the results, the patients exposed to the plants experienced less pain distress and intensity. The improvement was even more evident on the third day after the surgery. Moreover, the patients with plants reported less fatigue and anxiety.

The result of the study probably has to do with mental outlook. According to the patients exposed to plants, their rooms were more attractive, colourful, and calming. So, the next time a colleague or loved one falls ill, keep these studies in mind. Sending them get well soon flowers not only shows your support, but doing so also helps them heal more quickly.

Flowers Can Lower Stress

Wishing with Flowers
Image by gpointstudio on Freepik

It can be difficult to relax when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that flowers can also help lower children’s stress levels. In the study, the participants were required to complete a horticultural task for five minutes. After the activity, they became more relaxed and less stressed. 

Furthermore, the study explored how a specific mobile game affected the moods of these children. It found that plants brought more relaxation benefits to the participants. So, instead of reaching for the phone to lower stress, why not opt for our Little Thinking of You Bunch

Flower Bouquet
Little Thinking of You Bunch

A study from South Korea also found lower salivary cortisol levels in participants who spent time with flowers. It’s worth noting that higher cortisol levels in humans indicate that they are dealing with danger and stress. So, reduced cortisol levels suggest that the respondents felt more relaxed when they spent time with get well soon flowers.

Flowers Strengthen Relationships

Old patient receiving visit from child and mother in hospital ward with flowers
Image by DCStudio on Freepik

Because of the restrictions of the pandemic, visiting opportunities in hospitals have been limited. Even so, you can still stay connected with your recovering loved ones. Send them get well soon flowers to show that you’re with them through their difficult journey. 

That’s where Flowers Across Sydney comes in. No matter what the season, our expert florists can use the right get well soon flowers colour that will express your support. You can have the arrangement delivered to the recipient’s home or hospital room. By making them feel loved, they will have the morale boost they need for a speedy recovery.

4 Steps on Saying “Get Well Soon” with Flowers

Sending get well soon flowers is also a way to deliver a message of cheer, support or encouragement. People who are stuck in a hospital room for several days start to feel tired of muted walls. On the other hand, you can bring a bit of happiness and liven up their space by giving them a bright bouquet.

In any case, you can follow the steps below to learn how to say “get well soon” with the right flowers:

Step 1: Choose Bright Colours

Anyone can easily feel jovial and positive at the sight of flowers in bright shades. So, if you want to brighten the day of your sick friend, you might want to choose blooms with stunning and eye-catching hues.

Bouquet of Red and Yellow Flowers
Summer Morning Bouquet.

As we’ve mentioned, flowers can improve the mood and energy of people, especially when you choose bright colours. You can opt for lively hueslike orange, yellow, red, and pink—just like what we have in our Summer Morning Bouquet. This bunch has bright roses, chrysanthemums, LA lilies, and red photinia. It can easily make the recipient feel energised while offsetting any negativity in their room.

Step 2: Consider Blooms with Lighter Scents

It may not be wise to give someone who’s hospitalised anything with heavy and strong smells. It’s not uncommon for hospitalised individuals to be sensitive to strong scents. So, you should opt for flowers with a soft-to-medium smell.

Some examples of flowers with soothing scents include tulips and sunflowers. You can gift your ill loved one our Sunflowers in a Vase and not worry about irritation because of the strong smell. This arrangement has a subtle and calm scent that can be compared to a garden full of trees. The recipient won’t have to step out because they can enjoy the natural, earthy smell right in their room.

Step 3: Select the Appropriate Floral Arrangement

Not many people know that there could be several ways a floral arrangement could go wrong. It takes many years for any florist to master this skill. 

Now, if you’re sending get well soon flowers to someone unwell, it wouldn’t help them if you send them a random mess. So, you must ensure that they’ll receive a gift that is carefully put together. This way, you can express your concern while effectively brightening the recipient’s day.

When you’re sending love, especially to a close friend, the gift should be nothing short of spectacular. So, it only makes sense that you choose a neatly arranged bouquet. At Flowers Across Sydney, we have a wide selection of stunning get well soon flowers. You can choose from all sorts of arrangements and colours. 

Having a carefully curated flower bunch will ensure that the recipient will have a smile on their face. Whenever they look at your gift, they will be reminded of your concern and care. You can even make the gift more personal and extra special by attaching a card with your well wishes.

Step 4: Choose the Ideal Get Well Soon Flowers

You also have to be careful about the kinds of flowers you are sending to an unwell person. Consider whether they are recovering from a serious illness or undergoing a cosmetic procedure. It’s perfectly fine to send certain flowers, but some blooms might send confusing signals.

Every flower symbolizes certain meanings. Some signify romance while others represent friendship, sympathy or pride. So, you must ensure that you’re choosing the get well soon flowers that will relay the emotion or message you want to send. In any case, you’d want to deliver a gift that will brighten their day. Here are some options you can choose:


Yellow Sunflower Bouquet
bouquet of sunflowers

When you want to uplift someone’s spirit, one of the best get well soon flowers to choose from are sunflowers. Send your loved one or friend a bouquet filled with bright blooms, and you’ll surely cheer them up and make them feel a little better.

Keep in mind that while sunflowers look lovely, they still have a significant amount of allergens. So, be sure to check the recipient’s allergies before you send them these cheerful blooms. Now, if everything’s clear, we recommend getting your friend or loved one our bouquet of sunflowers. This arrangement has the happiest blooms in the world, curing anyone’s wintertime blues.


Yellow and Red Flower Bouquet
bouquet of gerberas

Daisies are also cheery and bright, making them the ideal get well soon flowers. You can send a bouquet of simple white daisies. On the other hand, you can also choose a brighter get well soon flowers colour. For instance, you can get our bouquet of gerberas that come with sunny hues that radiate pure bliss. According to Petal Republic, yellow and orange gerberas symbolize warmth, joy and friendship.


Springtime flowers like peonies can be lovely ornaments for a hospital bedside table. These wonderful blooms can add beauty to the monotonous look of the space. Because peonies are not as common as the popular get well soon flowers, they can be a unique choice for a floral gift.

It’s also worth noting that peonies have been associated with healing. It is widely believed that the name of the flower came from Paeon or Paean, the physician of the Greek gods. According to mythology, Paeon used a peony root to heal Pluto. His teacher, Aesculapius became envious of his feat and attempted to kill him. Zeus saved Paeon from death by transforming him into a peony plant.

Pink Flower Bouquet
bouquet of peonies

Now, if you want to send a message of healing to a friend, loved one or family member, then send them a bouquet of peonies from Flowers Across Sydney. You get to choose between the standard, deluxe and premium arrangements that come with 5, 10 and 15 stems of peonies respectively. This bunch is sure to uplift anyone’s spirit as its small buds eventually open into wonderful blooms.


If you’re looking for a more uncommon floral arrangement to give to a recovering person, you should consider getting them orchids. Aside from being pleasing to the eyes, these flowers are also a safe choice. Because their sticky pollen does not fly off, they won’t cause a runny nose.

Bunch of Orange Orchids
bunch of red or orange orchids

You can easily brighten someone’s day by sending them a bunch of red or orange orchids from Flowers Across Sydney. According to Orchid Republic, these orchids represent strength. So, they can be a perfect gift for giving someone a little boost back into health.


Blue and Yellow petaled flowers under Blue Sky
Photo by Josefin on Unsplash

It’s hard not to smile once you see the big, billowy blooms of hydrangeas. These flowers come in a range of colours—from white and pink to blue and purple. So, you can easily find one that the recipient will like. 

Like orchids, hydrangeas have sticky pollen that stays within the flower. So, they’re unlikely to cause runny noses inside a hospital room. 


Multicoloured Flowers
Photo by Emma Gossett on Unsplash

Sending a bunch of pansies to an ill or recovering loved one can send the message that you’re thinking of them. They are the perfect get well soon flowers, especially since they symbolize caring thoughts. Pansies are bright and bold, potentially giving the recipient a subtle push out of the glooms of being sick. 

These blooms also have an uncommon attractiveness because of their varied and bold colours. Do note that you’ll seldom see pansies in cut arrangements. You’ll likely have to buy them as a potted plant.


Multicolour Assorted Flowers
Photo by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash

Tulips are easy to love because of their vibrant colours and elegant look. When in season, these flowers are available on Flowers Across Sydney’s site. They come in bright yellow and orange hues, making them ideal for uplifting the mood of your recovering or ill friend, loved one, or relative. Moreover, tulips do not have a strong scent. So, they won’t irritate the recipient.

5 Tips and Reminders for Sending Get Well Soon Flowers to Hospitals

If you’re planning to send get well soon flowers to a hospital, make sure you follow our reminders and tips. Keep in mind that a simple mistake may bring your gift to waste or even make the recipient’s day worse. 

Tip 1: Check if the Hospital Accepts Flower Deliveries

Sending get well soon flowers may be a beautiful gesture. However, you need to ensure that the health facility accepts flower deliveries. 

If you’re ordering an arrangement for a facility within Sydney, you can check out our hospital delivery guide. Some hospitals allow flowers in the ICU while others don’t. So, it’s important to review our checklist. You can also contact the hospital for more detailed information.

Tip 2: Opt for Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting Flowers

If someone is confined in a hospital room, they’re unlikely to have the desire or energy to care for flowers. As such, you should avoid sending get well soon flowers that do not require frequent pruning or lots of water.

Choose flowers that can last for several days. This way, the recipient will enjoy them for as long as possible without the burden of maintenance. 

Some blooms naturally last longer than others. However, one of the ways you can secure a long-lasting gift is by finding fresh flowers. When you turn to Flowers Across Sydney, you can ensure that the stunning blooms you’ll get are sourced daily from local markets.

Tip 3: Consider Hypoallergenic Flowers

Woman Sneezing
Image by Freepik

Let’s say the recipient doesn’t have allergies. However, when you’re sending flowers to the hospital, remember that there are other people in the facility. Another patient, nurse, doctor or visitor might be allergic to certain types of flowers. So, you should look for arrangements that are low in fragrance and pollen. 

You wouldn’t want people having itchy eyes or runny noses because of your gift. A hospital is already a high-stress place as it is, and you wouldn’t want your gift to become an additional inconvenience for many. Some of the best options include hydrangeas, low-fragrance roses and orchids. 

Tip 4: Get a Smaller Arrangement

People naturally want to go for a bigger arrangement when sending get well soon flowers. However, this is not the ideal option when you’re having them delivered to a hospital. Most of the time, rooms in health facilities are small. So, there might not be enough space for a larger arrangement. 

White Flower Stick
Simple Grace

Your best option is to get a smaller arrangement that features beautiful and premium-quality blooms. One great example is Flowers Across Sydney’s Simple Grace arrangement. This bunch features five exotic orchids in a small, yet elegant vase. With its effortless beauty and charm, this arrangement is sure to uplift the mood of the recipient.

Tip 5: Consider Sending a Durable Vase

White, Yellow and Pink Flowers on a table
Image by Freepik

The truth is that sending flowers to someone in a hospital can be quite complicated, especially since you need to consider a lot of things. For one, you must think of how the recipient will display the flowers beside their bed.

Instead of letting them go through the trouble of looking for a container, you can send the arrangement in a vase. When you browse through our get well soon flowers, you can choose to have the gift sent in a vase. You can even select the container that will match the overall look of the arrangement. Make sure you select your preferred vase before checking out!

Gifts to Include with Your Get Well Soon Flowers

You can make your get well soon flowers extra special by sending the recipient a thoughtful gift. Here are some great ideas that easily brighten someone’s day:


Bowl of Soup
Photo by Hanna Balan on Unsplash

For centuries, chicken soup has been used to alleviate the aches of common flu and colds. In fact, a study conducted by the Nebraska Medical Center found that hot soups have components that bring a mild anti-inflammatory effect. The research discovered that chicken soup can aid in mitigating the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. So, if you have an ill loved one, send them get well soon flowers along with a warm bowl of soup.


When you’re sending beautiful blooms to someone, make sure that they’re accompanied by a card. Illustrated greetings date back to ancient Egypt when people celebrated the new year by exchanging gifts inscribed with well wishes. 

These days, cards are an inexpensive way to tell someone that they are in your thoughts. You can also use them to explain what the get well soon flowers colour represents. 

When you buy blooms from Flowers Across Sydney, you’ll have plenty of options for adding special extras to your arrangement. We have an extensive collection of gift tags and greeting cards that can convey the message you want to send to your ill loved one. 

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
Image by Freepik

While teddy bears are usually given to children, they can be a great gift for adults who are recovering from injuries or illnesses. After all, hugging them can easily bring comfort to anyone. You’d be surprised to find out that a 2019 British study discovered that a third of surveyed adults continue to sleep with a plushie. 

So, if you have a relative or friend who loves childhood nostalgia, you should gift them a teddy bear. It can be a great way to send your get well wishes to them.


Balloons can easily brighten any room. So, along with the beautiful flowers, you can make someone’s day by sending them balloons. You can also choose from our extensive collection of colourful get well soon balloons. They can easily bring a smile to the face of your ill or injured friend.

Collection of Magazines

It’s never fun recovering from an injury or illness. Aside from the pains and aches, the person would have to deal with the boredom of doing nothing all day. So, when you’re sending get well soon flowers, don’t forget to bring them a magazine gift pack. 

These days, it’s easier to get this gift for anyone. You can have the get well soon flowers delivered to their home or hospital room along with a voucher for a digital subscription to their favourite magazine. This way, they can keep up with important headlines while they’re recovering.

Relaxing Activity Package

Reading materials may keep someone occupied while recovering, but it wouldn’t hurt if you let them have a bit of fun. Aside from sending your loved one get well soon flowers, you can also send them a gift that is both entertaining and relaxing. 

Adult colouring books can be great stress-relievers for your sick or injured loved one. A Thomas Jefferson University study found that mindfulness art therapy helped women with cancer lower the symptoms of emotional and physical distress during their treatment. With the intricate drawings and beautiful artwork in adult colouring books, the recipient can have an enjoyable activity that can also be de-stressing. 

Another option would be to send books on simple breathing exercises or meditation. There are also Zen garden kits that come with meditative rocks, gravel and a tiny rake. Your friend or relative will be on their way to recovery while maintaining their little rock garden.


Image by jannoon028 on Freepik

It’s easy to make someone’s day with cupcakes. While you’re at it, why not opt for chocolate-flavoured ones? According to a Loma Linda University study, chocolate consumption can reduce stress and inflammation while improving someone’s mood. So, the next time you send someone blooms from Flowers Across Sydney, you should also consider getting them a box of cupcakes.

FAQs About Get Well Soon Flowers

Q: What flower symbolizes get well soon?

Here are some of the flowers that can represent getting well soon:

  • Sunflowers
  • Daisies
  • Peonies
  • Orchids
  • Hydrangeas
  • Pansies
  • Tulips

Q: What flowers are good for recovery?

If you want to help an ill or injured loved one recover quickly, you can send them any of these blooms:

  1. Chrysanthemum – for brightening any room and uplifting someone’s mood
  2. Jasmine – for helping someone get a good night’s sleep
  3. Calendulas – for reducing inflammation and helping someone heal from fevers and colds
  4. Daisies – for improving digestion and increasing appetite
  5. Chamomile – for de-stressing and relaxation
  6. Sunflower – for improving digestion and cardiovascular health
  7. Cornflower – for soothing stomach ulcers and alleviating digestive problems

Q: What to say to cheer someone up with flowers?

Here are some ways you can say to make someone happy while recovering from an illness or injury:

  • Thinking of you!
  • I hope this brightens your day!
  • This too shall pass. 
  • Sending warm hugs and thoughts to brighten your day.
  • Every time you see these beautiful flowers, remember that someone is thinking of you.
  • Hoping for your speedy recovery.
  • Hope you’ll feel better soon.
  • As you heal and rest, know that we’re thinking about you and wishing for your quick recovery.

Q: What is a good flower quote?

Here are some inspirational flower quotes that can motivate someone during recovery:

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” – Claudia Adrienne Grandi

“Flowers are like friends; they bring colour to your world.” – Unknown

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Get Stunning Blooms from Flowers Across Sydney

When you want to wish someone a quick recovery, turn to Flowers Across Sydney for beautiful get well soon flowers. You can easily boost their mood with our selection of stunning blooms which include bold lilies, bright gerberas and peppy sunflowers. You can even have the arrangement delivered to the recipient the same day when you order before 2 p.m.

So, if you want the perfect way to send positive thoughts and cheer to someone dear to your heart, go to Flowers Across Sydney now.

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