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The Best Influencers for Flower Lovers

If you’re a flower lover then there’s never been a better time to explore your passion. The internet is full of people sharing their love of flowers with the world.

The only issue is that there’s only so much time in the day, so if you’re going to be following some of your favourite influencers, then you want to make sure that they’re the best.

Flowers are subjective, so there’s no saying what makes one inherently better than another, so what we’ve done is gather 26 of our favourites so that you can find whoever resonates with you.

So here are the best influencers for flower lovers. In no particular order…

Mary Lennox

Mary takes the beauty of flowers to another level with the elegant floral designs she creates for famous brands like Versace, Chanel, and Mercedes Benz. She has a serious talent for utilizing the colour and shapes of flowers to highlight a product rather than detract attention away from it. As you browse through her photographs, you’ll quickly see that her flower arranging skills are some of the best in the world. She doesn’t stray from taking risks and creating arrangements that are different from what you would expect.

Sarah Winward

Sarah is a floral designed based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her works exude a sense of elegance and intrigue due to her creative use of texture and the inspiration she takes from the changing seasons and native landscapes. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll see simple beige bouquets of palms and grasses as well as dramatic centrepieces combining purple blooms and various greens. If you’d like to learn more about floral design or how to run a floral design business, Sarah offers numerous online courses.

Jardine Hansen

Jardine’s floral designs combine romance with a bit of spontaneity. Don’t’ be surprised when you see her mixing pretty pink peonies with mini artichokes and tall waving grasses.You can tell that Jardine not only knows how to arrange flowers but also how to source and select the highest-quality materials. Combine these gorgeous blooms with her talent of playing with texture and shape, and you’ll find even her simplest designs are stunning.

Sally Hambleton

Spanish designer Sally crafts classic arrangements that ooze a bit of country-chic. She delivers hat boxes, bouquets, and more throughout the Madrid area.

Her website contains a shop where you can purchase goods including vases, napkins, and dried flowers. Sally regularly holds flower design classes in her home city of Madrid, as well as in other area cities. If you don’t live nearby but want to learn from her, check out her recorded lessons or watch her Instagram videos.

Rebecca Louise Law

If you’re looking for big and bold floral installations, make sure to check out Rebecca’s work. She uses dried flowers and vertical space to design exquisite pieces. But her work brings more than beauty. Her floral art causes the onlooker to contemplate fragility, rebirth, and healing, depending on the specific piece.

Since Rebecca normally works with dried flowers, she focuses on large pieces that are on display for multiple months. Even if you can’t catch her work in person, you can view photos on her website and Instagram page.

Madison Hartley

HartleyMadison uses seasonal flowers and greenery to craft arrangements and displays that are lively and mesmerizing. With a background as a painter, she is an expert at mixing colours and textures to create pieces that remind us of the way that plants interact with each other in their natural setting: beautiful and a bit wild.

Madison has recently launched a series of courses and educational materials that cover all aspects of starting and running a floral design business. You can sign up for remote classes that help you understand colour or give you tips on photographing flowers to show them in their best light.

Jeff Leatham

Jeff previously served as the artistic director for The Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris where he created large, stunning floral displays. He now creates floral displays for the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. He often utilizes monochromatic palettes to put a focus on an individual flower. Another one of his techniques is to use flowers as a medium to create images,shapes, and words.

Along with working on these big pieces, he also offers smaller arrangements for individuals. His pieces are clearly shaped by humans hands, with perfectly crafted rose spheres and tightly-packed blooms.

Gabriela Salazar

Gabriela is a master at playing with texture, color, and shape to create floral arrangements that are whimsical and romantic. She lives in a small mountain town outside of Mexico City where she grows traditional English flowers in her garden. Her work clearly combines these two cultures, with pops of bright orange and yellow mixed in with calmer hues.

Gabriela offers classes both at her home as well as online. As a flower grower as well as designer, she offers the full picture of flowering designing from seed to finished product.

Alicia & Adam

Alicia and Adam are the people behind the floral event design company Bows and Arrows Flowers. The couple takes inspiration from nature, culture, and art to create arrangements and displays that match the style of each client and event.

Their work ranges from soft white bouquets to rosemary wreathes to bright centerpieces filled with crimson dahlias and orange poppies. While a large portion of their work is for weddings, they also create for editorial shoots and deliver flowers for DIY floral crowns and bouquets in Dallas, TX.


Alicia is the woman behind Flirty Fleurs, a blog dedicated to flowers and floral design. Content includes profiles of individual flowers, conversations with floral designers, and tips on flower arranging. You’ll also find both online and in-person classes that provide instruction on creating designs such as centerpieces and bridal bouquets.

On Alicia’s Instgram feed you’ll find photos of the gorgeous designs she creates herself. Even if you don’t want to read the content on Flirty Fleurs, take the time to browse through her photos to gain some inspiration.

Federica Ambrosini

Federica is perhaps most famous for her flower walls that serve as a backdrop for photoshoots or create symbols, logos, and designs. However, she also creates stunning bouquets for weddings that range from round and compact rose bouquets to more natural and minimalist designs.

Federica’s Instagram feed contains photos from around the world as she travels to destination weddings and other events. She also offers a floral masterclass where professionals learn advance techniques and network with others in the floral design world.

Rona Wheeldon

Rona runs Flowerona to inspire and educate those in the floral design business. She teaches courses for floral designers on how to utilize Instagram and other social media platforms to further their businesses. Rona also shares information from other designers and writes posts onspecific flowers.

Rona’s Instagram feed is a peaceful and romantic escape with soft, close-up photos of individual flowers, simple arrangements, and pressed flowers. It’s no surprise that her photos are gorgeous, given that she teaches other floral designers how to best utilize Instagram.

Timo Bolte

Timo is a London-based designer that creates arrangements and designs for fashion, weddings, and exhibitions. Some of his work includes exquisite pastel wedding centrepieces, giant geometric exhibition designs, and floral headpieces to complement high fashion.

Most of his work screams extravagance and luxury rather than simplicity. Don’t be surprised to see his designs next to crystal chandeliers and in high-end resorts.

Bridget Beth Collins

Bridget Beth Collins is quite the artist. Her botanical artworks out of foliage and flowers she finds in her garden, in the woods or on sidewalks are really unique. Just when you thought you were admiring beautiful butterflies, you realize you are looking at carefully arranged, delicate flower petals! For your inspiration to decorate with rose petals or to create art with petals and foliage, follow the Flora Forager on Insta. You’ll see flowers in a completely different way.

Karen Tran

Whether it is a wedding at Lake Como or a lavish birthday bash on a country estate, you will recognize an occasion designed by Karen Tran. The internationally renowned event designer and author transforms venues into lavish, extravagant spaces. She is a master in creating fairytale landscapes with an abundance of flowers and opulent, large-scale floral structures. Looking at the photos, you can almost smell the scent from the masses of flowers and feel part of it all.

Gracie and Ryan

Exploring their webpages and insta photos, the statement ‘The most beautiful roses in the world, grown with love’ is no exaggeration. It’s hard to believe that Grace Farm had its humble beginnings in Gracie’s and Ryan’s backyard in 2016. They’ve shared their unique journey on Insta. On their website, you can find a huge variety of roses, from Ingrid Bergman to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Rose and everything in between. For all rose lovers, their photos through the season, a good FAQ section and short videos will be a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

Jessica Huston

Jessica’s is certainly a story of following your dream and finding your place in the world. She became a floral designer after planning her own wedding and has never looked back. Both website and insta pages have a real personal feel to them. Specializing in floral arrangements for weddings, she lets you follow her own path, get to know her team and daily happenings and lets you feast your eyes on her lush floral designs.

Julio Freitas

Julio started out in the hospitality industry but switched to floral design eight years ago after taking on the floral arrangements in the hotel he worked at. And lucky he switched because he is a real artist with flowers! You can literally see his passion and love for flowers in everything he shares.

We really admire his designs, they are not opulent, but are quite unusual in that he uses a great range of different colors and blooms, and each flower and twig seems to be carefully picked. The workshops he offers are equally unique and mostly aimed at other flower growers. They range from how to price flower arrangements, attract the ideal clientele to social media marketing. And check out his step by step guide to flower arrangements on insta!

Vanessa Tarr

After extensive travels and finding inspiration in exotic gardens and plantations around the globe, Vanessa came back to New Hampshire and converted the family farm into a flower farm. Follow her through the seasons and see what is in bloom. If you are not a Dahlia fan just yet, her insta photos may just convert you. For those in the area, there’s also the possibility to buy a share in the farm and get fresh, in season flowers in return. What a treat!

Mandy & Steve

Mandy and Steve are committed to sustainable farming. Not only can you find inspiration from their stories and photos from their flower and fruit farm through the seasons, they also share their experience and expertise on running the farm on solar power and biofuel and much more. Their insta pages are full of good gardening tips and small videos and if you happen to travel that way, you’ll find their ‘certified naturally grown’ stunning cut flowers, seeds, and Luffa gourds at local farmers markets and in their farm store.

Niki Irving

There must be something in the air in the mountains of Ashville North Carolina! Check out a riot of colors and stunning blooms of Dahlias, Tulips, Ranunculus and more on Niki’s insta. Flourish Flower Farm specializes in ‘specialty cut + heirloom flowers using sustainable, natural practices’ and their love for flowers and all things beautiful really shines through on their website and social media. Check out the workshop section, you almost feel like you are part of it, in amongst a sea of flowers.

Melanie Harrington

Having studied floral design and horticulture, Melanie now runs Dahlia May Flower Farm, which specializes in fragrant, often heirloom, varieties of flowers. You can see Melanie’s passion for art and flowers in all the floral designs she does, they are truly elegant arrangements, inspired by nature and seasonal. Melanie has developed a unique style that is really well worth following and draw inspiration from.


Be wowed! Jo trained in classic techniques in floristry and it really shows. Her flower arrangements look effortless, very romantic but simple at the same time. The photography on her social media is exceptional, reminiscent of oil paintings of the old masters. Her designs are seasonal and she often carefully choses flowers, sprigs, and twigs from her own garden. Her decorating tips and ideas on insta will motivate you to plan the next festive gathering or garden party!

Jenn Sanchez

Jenn adds an artist’s touch to all her work. She found her artform, flowers and flower arranging, when she first visited Los Angeles’ flower market aged 18 and has since used that creative spark to bring her floral art to global design gigs. Her designs don’t just stop at flowers though, she’ll happily include any vegetation and fruit or other natural elements to her arrangements. Well worth a peek..

Emily Avenson

If you like simplicity and calm beauty, then this one is for you. Emily Avenson’s flower arrangements are dainty and floaty and remind of ballet dancers pirouetting across the stage. Check out her photos, they are absolutely stunning. But apart from inspiring photography, her journal, her focus on what is seasonal and in the garden, and how to turn that into stunning floral arrangements, her experiments with colours are well worth following.

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