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How to Grow Geraniums
Educational Flowers

Get your Geranium on

Vibrant pop of colour? Tick. Easy to grow? Tick. Attractive blossoms and foliage? Tick. Super easy to propagate and multiply? Tick. The humble Geranium ticks all the boxes. Some varieties have a beautiful scent. Others even edible. They’ll add…


10 of the best flowers to help save the bees.

The world’s honeybee population started to take an unfortunate turn around 2006, due to multiple factors caused in the most part by mankind, either directly or indirectly. Much is said about planning for the future and the same should…


Help Save the Honeybee

  Help Save the Honeybee Campaign is about helping support our bee population by growing bee-friendly plants and flowers around our homes and in our gardens. Most flowers exist solely to attract pollinators such as the bee, the flowers themselves…

How To

Floristry Training: NSW

Sometimes it is hard to find floristry training, they often get stashed under different categories like Horticulture, Primary industries or Arts. If you’re thinking about becoming a Florist, looking at enhancing your floristry skills or just looking for additional…

How To Wedding

DIY Wedding Flowers: The Definitive Guide

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, the options to consider are nearly endless, from the design and theme, to the colour and types of flowers. Hiring a professional florist is a great way to get wedding flowers…


Wedding Flower Availability

Welcome to our Wedding Flower Availability guide. The below table is a quick reference for flower availability in Australia and the United States by month. For more details on each flower, click on any of the flower names to…